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Vendor Risk Management
Understand the extent of your external risk

An expert team of security professionals to lead your security program at the highest level. Let us guide you help improve and standardize your organization's vendor risk management program.

What is Vendor Risk Management?


Want our support?

An expert team of security professionals to help you verify  the information security protocols employed by your vendors.

Over 50% of security breaches stem from external vendors you hire. Identifying and assessing these vendors is crucial to understand the associated risks. Simplify the process with vendor risk management software. Our support will assist you in identifying high-risk vendors, evaluating possible impact and consequences.

At Secure-Centric, VRM software is tailored to your unique organization.

Our security specialists will collaborate with your vendors to address any security threats or risks, safeguarding you both internally and externally. We are equipped with an integrated remediation plan standardized risk-based scoring approach that will provide all information and solutions you need.

Connect with our security specialists to initiate enhancing your Vendor Risk Management program.

We will enhance and develop your security program based on the aspects that most significantly influence your organization.

VRM Stages


To accurately assess your vendor risk, you must identify every single vendor. Establishing awareness and creating an inventory is a crucial initial phase.


After identifying vendors, it's crucial to categorize them and then classify the impact of each vendor's risk for creating effective ranking of importance.




When you have completed identifying high and medium risk vendors, it's vital to evaluate the associated risk they pose.


After you're aware of your vendors and the risks the come with, you tell us how you'd like to address it. We'll collaborate on mitigating risks and remediation efforts.



Endorsed Standards





ISO 27000-1



VRM Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the vendor risk management procedure? We adhere to a sequence that involves recognizing vendors, enforcing policies and procedures, internal departments recognizing and categorizing vendors, gathering self-assessments, conducting facilitated risk assessments, performing validated risk assessments.

Which regulations mandated Vendor Risk Management? Various regulations and compliance standards necessitate the management of third-party vendor risks. They include: CMMC, DoL, FDIC, HITRUST, HIPAA, ISO, US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and SOC 2.

What is the cost of vendor risk management? Depending on your needs and amount of vendors, we have three different levels of vendor risk management programs. Reach out to us for more information.

How can you assist my organization with Department of Labor (DoL) compliance? We employ a clear scoring system to analyze vendor risk, eliminating ambiguity in the process. This enables us to readily comprehend and convey convey weaknesses at all levels, ensuring you can confidently meet the Department of Labor prerequisites.

Why Choose Secure-Centric?

Our Custom-Tailored Approach

Expertise + Proficiency

With decades of experience and knowledge in the technology space, Secure-Centric's team has extensive skills to help you with all of your security needs. When opting for the growth of your security program through a vCISO, you gain the advantage of considerable experience on your side. Beyond experience, you're also partnering with a team that cares.

Mission Based + Goal Oriented

At Secure-Centric our goal is to restore peace of mind from cyberthreats for our clients around the world.  We can't stand seeing people lose their jobs and reputation because they don't have proper consulting on Ransomware. We are committed to partnering with you before, during, and after a breach, because this approach is key to genuinely enhancing your security and safeguarding entrusted sensitive data.

Focus + Expertise

Our exclusive focus is on information security and nothing else. Our sole dedication is to security knowledge, protocol, and services. This focus and specialization enables our virtual CISO team to offer impartial guidance that genuinely transform your security practices. We will work with your team while informing and teaching them throughout the entire process. 

Strategy + Approach

We recognize that no organization or business is exactly the same, so why would our strategy be standardized? You are unique, so is our approach. We understand that each organization have their own security programs at varying levels of development. We delve deeply into understanding your security program, utilizing an information security risk assessment to identify assets and challenges. After that, we'll apply industry best practices to offer tailored next steps that facilitate meaningful enhancements 

and refinements.

Do you need guidance with VRM? Reach out to us!

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