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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
Safeguard Your Business and Defense Contracts

Receive support from our team of security and compliance specialists to ready your organization for CMMC regulations and standards of compliance.

What is the CMMC?


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Equip your security program to align with DoD specifications and prerequisites.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification delineates the information security standards mandated by the DoD for its DIB partners. It constitutes the specified criteria for any DoD contractor engaged in receiving, storing, processing, or transferring any form of Controlled Unclassified Information. The CMMC comprises three distinct tiers based on the information level necessary to fulfill the contract. Depending on the contracted CMMC level,  external evaluations may be mandated.

At Secure-Centric, cybersecurity maturity model certification is tailored to your organization's needs.

It's crucial for you to have a clear understanding of your compliance with CMMC information security specifications. Providing incorrect information will significantly impede your eligibility to bid on any subsequent federal jobs. We will provide the most updated information available to get your organization what it needs to be in compliance, guiding you every step of the way, all while providing a tailored information security program as strong as possible.

Connect with our security specialists to initiate your cybersecurity maturity model certification.

We will enhance and develop your security program based on the aspects that most significantly influence your organization.

Gap Assessment

Gap Assessment

We'll identify areas where you don't meet CMMC requirements and guide you on closing those gaps to be in compliance.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments gauge four security program controls and align with them for CMMC standards.


Roadmaps offer a comprehensive plan to guide your organization from its current state to one that satisfies certification requirements.


Virtual CISO

Having a security specialist at your disposal, virtual CISOs offer a dedicated resource to enhance your security program.

Virtual CISO

CMMC Levels


Tier 1 concentrates on safeguarding FCI and includes practices aligned with the fundamental safeguarding criteria outlined in the FAR Clause. Tier 1 encompasses all safeguarding requirements stipulated in this clause and self-appraisal is permissible at this tier.


Tier 2 emphasizes safeguarding CUI and covers the 110 security requirements outlined in NIST SP 800-171 Rev 2. Self-appraisal is also permitted at this tier.


Tier 3 is derived from a segment of NIST SP 800-172 criteria. Further information will be disclosed at a subsequent time.




CMMC Frequently Asked Questions

Which entities are required to adhere to the CMMC? If you operate within the DIB supply chain or offer services to the DoD, compliance with CMMC is mandatory. CMMC requirements are expected to extend to every DoD contract, affecting a large amount of vendors throughout the supply chain.

What does it take to meet CMMC requirements? The CMMC requirements you face will vary based on the type of contract you aim to engage in. With 3 levels featuring escalating security controls, the contract’s impact on the defense industry will likely determine the specific compliance level you need to adhere to.

Who developed the CMMC? The CMMC was established by the US Department of Defense to enhance oversight of the security measures implemented by their vendors and contractors.

Why Choose Secure-Centric?

Our Custom-Tailored Approach

Expertise + Proficiency

With decades of experience and knowledge in the technology space, Secure-Centric's team has extensive skills to help you with all of your security needs. When opting for the growth of your security program through a vCISO, you gain the advantage of considerable experience on your side. Beyond experience, you're also partnering with a team that cares.

Mission Based + Goal Oriented

At Secure-Centric our goal is to restore peace of mind from cyberthreats for our clients around the world.  We can't stand seeing people lose their jobs and reputation because they don't have proper consulting on Ransomware. We are committed to partnering with you before, during, and after a breach, because this approach is key to genuinely enhancing your security and safeguarding entrusted sensitive data.

Focus + Expertise

Our exclusive focus is on information security and nothing else. Our sole dedication is to security knowledge, protocol, and services. This focus and specialization enables our virtual CISO team to offer impartial guidance that genuinely transform your security practices. We will work with your team while informing and teaching them throughout the entire process. 

Strategy + Approach

We recognize that no organization or business is exactly the same, so why would our strategy be standardized? You are unique, so is our approach. We understand that each organization have their own security programs at varying levels of development. We delve deeply into understanding your security program, utilizing an information security risk assessment to identify assets and challenges. After that, we'll apply industry best practices to offer tailored next steps that facilitate meaningful enhancements 

and refinements.

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