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Lean on our team of security experts for guidance and support. Count on us for your needs. Depend on us for your requiements.

What services should you prioritize?

tailored approach 

When you don't know where to start or what solution is the most crucial for your needs. 

Let's be real- all organizations have information and data that needs to be secure and protected. As the world changes, cyber attacks aren't a matter of if they're a matter of when. But how do you know what your organization needs? How do you go about discerning the most signifiant risks and determine where to initiate efforts to counter them? Secure-Centric will help you find the biggest threats to your organization's security and support you on where to go from there. 

What your organization needs and nothing more.

We help you prioritize a custom security program so you're only implementing what's necessary, giving you the best value for cost and nothing superfluous. We have a lot of tools and services that offer solutions and protection, but some may not be a good fit or necessary for you. Our team will connect with you to fully comprehend your security objectives and provide the solutions and services that assist you in accomplishing them.

Services to Build Your Security Program

Virtual CISO is a service that offers the highest level security specialists accessible to organizations who require security proficiency and support. Our team of experienced specialists will guide you every step of the way, offering security protocols that work in alignment with your goals and prove observable and quantifiable improvement to security framework and safety.

When you need to quickly address the aftermath of a cyberattack or security breach, our team is here to help you with incident response. We will rapidly identify the issue, minimize the impact, contain damage and explore the root cause through thorough analysis to mitigate future risks. Security breaches happen, and how quickly you respond with the right support during a threat is crucial to ensure containment and accurate identification.

Conducting tabletop exercises involves simulating scenarios to identify vulnerabilities in plans such as disaster recovery and incident response. Our experienced team will lead you through a simulated situation, allowing of the enactment of your plan. The objective is to gather insights on improvement, ensuring that the correct actions are taken by the appropriate individuals when it needs to happen in order to protect you when you need it most.

"Secure-Centric provides a dedicated team to our organization for support. They're very responsive on answering our questions and addressing any issues we have encountered. They have been providing guidelines for best practices on keeping our environment secure."

Weldon Wu, Chief Information Officer

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