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Compliance Preparation

Our security experts will make sure you are in compliance with any standards and requirements you need to meet.

When being in compliance the first time is imperitive

tailored approach 

Our team is well-versed in industry standards and security programs so you don't have to be.

What we know about creating resilient and strong security programs overlaps into our expertise in security standards. When you inform us about your organization and your needs, we take that information to reveal any gaps, then apply that knowledge to revamping and improving your current security practices. All along the way you'll have our support and guidance to make sure you are in compliance with any necessary requirements.

What your organization needs and nothing more.

We help you prioritize a custom security program so you're only implementing what's necessary, giving you the best value for cost and nothing superfluous. We have a lot of tools and services that offer solutions and protection, but some may not be a good fit or necessary for you. Our team will connect with you to fully comprehend your security objectives and provide the solutions and services that assist you in accomplishing them.

Services to Build Your Security Program

Secure-Centric provides an extensive assessment of data and information security risks where we uncover and measure any vulnerabilities or threats. We utilize an approach that goes above and beyond baseline security standards to make sure you get the most effective information security and protection that enables your organization to easily prioritize and optimize investments in keeping your data safe.

Does your security program have what it needs to meet all requirements? We perform gap assessments focused on regulatory compliance, examining how well your security program aligns with what is required. We'll also take it one step further and provide tailored recommendations to bring your organization into compliance.

Aligning your threat evaluation and risk analysis findings with the five CMMC levels enables you to swiftly gauge its position across each level. Once you've determined your necessary level and assessed your performance, we analyze any compliance gaps. After that, we'll give you a detailed plan and allocate a committed security support system to ensure your compliance reaches the required level before the stipulated requirements come into effect.

"Secure-Centric provides a dedicated team to our organization for support. They're very responsive on answering our questions and addressing any issues we have encountered. They have been providing guidelines for best practices on keeping our environment secure."

Weldon Wu, Chief Information Officer

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