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Cybersecurity Solutions + Services

Custom designed to meet your specific requirements

and individual needs

Virtual CISO is a service that offers the highest level security specialists accessible to organizations who require security proficiency and support. Our team of experienced specialists will guide you every step of the way, offering security protocols that work in alignment with your goals and prove observable and quantifiable improvement to security framework and safety.

Secure-Centric provides an extensive assessment of data and information security risks where we uncover and measure any vulnerabilities or threats. We utilize an approach that goes above and beyond baseline security standards to make sure you get the most effective information security and protection that enables your organization to easily prioritize and optimize investments in keeping your data safe.

Does your security program have what it needs to meet all requirements? We perform gap assessments focused on regulatory compliance, examining how well your security program aligns with what is required. We'll also take it one step further and provide tailored recommendations to bring your organization into compliance.

When you need to quickly address the aftermath of a cyberattack or security breach, our team is here to help you with incident response. We will rapidly identify the issue, minimize the impact, contain damage and explore the root cause through thorough analysis to mitigate future risks. Security breaches happen, and how quickly you respond with the right support during a threat is crucial to ensure containment and accurate identification.

If your business uses the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon or Azure, we can provide assessments that conduct configuration and security health checks following CIS benchmarks. Because we have a security-centric perspective, we proactively address potential threats to enhance your overall system resilience. 

Conducting tabletop exercises involves simulating scenarios to identify vulnerabilities in plans such as disaster recovery and incident response. Our experienced team will lead you through a simulated situation, allowing of the enactment of your plan. The objective is to gather insights on improvement, ensuring that the correct actions are taken by the appropriate individuals when it needs to happen in order to protect you when you need it most.

It's unfortunately very common that security breaches stem from third-party vendors brought in by your organization or business. Knowing that, we realize it's vital to recognize and assess the risk level posed by the vendors you're connected to. Our Vendor Risk Management (VRM) services assist in identifying high-risk vendors, conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all third-party relationships, and highlighting vulnerabilities within your network.

Utilizing simulated attacks to expose security loopholes or shortcuts within your team, paired with comprehensive security training has proven to be the most effective way to prevent potential breaches. We excel in adeptly challenging your team to identify and rectify vulnerabilities in established security protocols. Our social engineering assessments consistently yield access to approximately twenty-five percent of your teams confidential data.

When you encounter managerial requests or SOC 2 regulatory obligations, we offer assistance in getting you ready for a SOC 2 audit with our preparedness assessments. Our pre-audit evaluations, encompassing Type 1 and Type 2, come with flexible support levels based on your in-house team. And everything we do is with the goal in mind to reduce costs during the audit itself.

Conducting penetration tests identifies and exposes any issues through simulating realistic cyber attacks. It's crucial to scrutinize and fortify your defenses to gauge your organization's vulnerability to security breaches. Assessing your susceptibility to cyber attacks involves testing defenses, managing weaknesses, and evaluating the resilience of your infrastructure. That way, you can proactively address and mitigate any defects or vulnerabilities.

Consistent and routine scans play a crucial role in uncovering and pinpointing vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to your network. Our team of security specialists are ready to support you in detecting potential weaknesses and providing optimal strategies and guidance for protection and resolution.

Aligning your threat evaluation and risk analysis findings with the five CMMC levels enables you to swiftly gauge its position across each level. Once you've determined your necessary level and assessed your performance, we analyze any compliance gaps. After that, we'll give you a detailed plan and allocate a committed security support system to ensure your compliance reaches the required level before the stipulated requirements come into effect.

What Our Clients Say

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Chris Groby, VP of Sales

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"Our organization was hit by a ransomware incident in the Fall of 2019 which put our entire infrastructure at risk. We reached out to Secure-Centric to assist us with the remediation and to get our business back up safely and quickly. Over a period of the next 3 weeks, they used every resource to help us recover and migrate completely from on-premise to Azure. Current state: We are safe, secure, and better prepared for a future attack. We highly recommend Secure Centric as a partner. They have shown us they can deliver under stressful situations."
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