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Secure Centric is a team of trusted industry leaders in data protection and security solutions. We offer innovative solutions to re-define disruptive technology security and assurance.

Our mission is to re-define technology sales by building meaningful careers, worthy relationships, disruptive businesses, and undying legacies.

Secure Centric was founded when our Co-Founders Jake Celler and Shawn Phan got sick and tired of their friends in information technology getting crushed by ransomware attacks. It drove them nuts to see their close friends lose their jobs and reputation because they didn't have the proper consulting on Ransomware.  Since its founding, Secure Centric has grown into one of the top Ransmoware service providers in the nation. By using our 6-step plan we ensure our customers are fully protected from ransomware attacks. It is our mission to protect 1 million of our customer's employees from ransomware by the end of 2022!



Jake "EJ" Celler graduated with honors from UT Austin as a mechanical engineer. After working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry he transitioned at an early age into IT sales. He worked his way up at Rubrik becoming the youngest field sales rep in the organization. While at Rubrik, EJ went to the presidents club for two consecutive years and won Corporate AE of the year. When COVID struck EJ became a top Regional Sales Manager at Zscaler. After helping multiple enterprise customers improve their WFH security posture EJ discovered his passion for  Ransomware and has been fighting it ever since.


Shawn Phan comes to Secure Centric with 27 years in technology sales and startup experience. He received his MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and his undergraduate work from St. Leo University, where he received Cum Laude honors. Growing up in Silicon Valley, technology has played a huge part in his personal and professional career. He has helped multiple technology companies implement sales strategies which resulted in 10x revenue growth. Protecting clients from new technology risks is his focus.

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